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Monday, April 9th, 2007

So I ran into a little trouble with a new PBX I’m building.
I put together a nice system, P4 Prescott, 1gb DDR2, 160GB Sata, and a DG965RY motherboard from Intel.
I had thought I did my homework before ordering but apparently I had another motherboard in mind and ordered this one instead,,,, but I move on…..

This was the first motherboard I have had any issues loading linux with. I ran into issues with the chipset, ethernet and sata drives. The main issue is that when trying to load the OS, in this case I tried Centos 4 and Ubuntu 6.10, it would not recognize the Sata drive or the Ethernet drive. I searched the net up and down looking for answers and the only answers that I came up with was this motherboard and the 965 chipset do not play well with linux. After all my attempts I ended up getting another motherboard from Foxconn.

What happened when I plugged in the Foxconn board? Well, everything worked perfectly. I did not have to load any external drivers, or anything. It found all my hardware and went through the install without issues. Now I have asterisks up and running on a nice box for my customer. Now I just need to get the carrier setup so I can go through and configured all the trunks, extensions etc…

Just thought I would share a bit. Stay clear of the intel boards, esp the ones with this chipset.
Or if you had this issue and have a fix please email me and I will post it up.


Thursday, November 2nd, 2006

So I’m looking around for a web embedded solution so users can go to my site, click a web GUI, and actually use that GUI to call me right from the site. Through my searching I have found (or was directed to) a script call “Click-to-call”.

It is a PHP script you can download here:

Following some very simple directions at:

I got it up and running in a few minutes, first test worked fine, second no go. So right now I’m troubleshooting why it no longer works. I will update when I find out why.

So basically you get a little box to input your number in, then that in turn rings my phone through the TrixBox server, and then in return rings your number back.

Looks like this:

Anyway, just thought I would share this little script, I’m sure it is user error on my part.
Thanks to the people at for the suggestion!


Thursday, October 12th, 2006

Ok, I have had a couple people ask me how to run the update for FreePBX 2.1.3 so you can get the online modules and new updates. Errors: You need this fix if you are getting errors trying to access the online repository or when updating any modules

Below are the steps:

Open your favorite command line tool such as Putty or SecureSSH (

1. Log into your Trixbox as root user

2. type the following command to put you in the src directory:
cd /usr/src

3. Now type the following command (on one line):
svn co freepbx-2.1.3

4: That will DL the update, now change to the directory with the install:
cd freepbx-2.1.3

5. Then run the following command,this will update the FreePBX:

6. Restart Asterisk or the whole server.

You should now have the upated FreePBX, now you can get the updates and the out of date error should be gone! Linux Microsof