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Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Are you wondering how you will get all of your data off that old computer and on to the new computer?

Well stop wondering and let New England PC and Web, Massachusetts premier computer service provider, do the transfer for you!

All computer to computer transfers for just $99!

With the special you get an extra 10% off any AVG Anti-Virus purchase and free installation!!

Did you get a new Mac or Windows PC? Do you need to get your data from the old computer transferred to your new computer? Whether you are going between a Mac or PC, or staying on the same platform, don’t worry we have you covered!

Laptop Desktop Transfer

We support all Windows and Apple based laptop and desktops.


  • MacBook Pros, MacBook Air, Mac Minis, Mac desktops and iMacs!

  • Toshiba, Dell, HP, Asus, Acer, Gateway and many many more Windows based laptop and desktops!

Here is what is included:

PC to PC Migration

  • Laptops and/or Desktops
  • All Windows Operating systems supported
  • All profiles and settings
  • All Windows updates installed
  • We will install all your software (media and license keys need must be provided)
  • 10% off AVG Anti-Virus purchase
  • Software upgrades available (Office, Adobe, etc) – Free installation!


PC to Mac Migration

  • Laptops and/or Desktops
  • All Windows and Apple operating systems supported
  • Create new profiles on Mac
  • Transfer documents, pictures and files to new profiles
  • Run all available updates
  • We will install all your software (media and license keys need must be provided)
  • Software upgrades available (Office, Adobe, etc.) – Free installation!


Mac to Mac Migration

  • Laptops and/or Desktops
  • All Apple operating systems supported
  • Transfer documents, settings, programs and profiles
  • Run all available updates
  • We will install all your software if it cannot be transferred (media and license keys need must be provided)
  • Software upgrades available (Office, Adobe, etc.) – Free installation!


Now the question is “What do I do with this old computer?”

Why not let NEPCW refresh that old machine for you? When we give it back to you it will be completely refreshed and ready to enjoy!

Don’t just throw away your old computer, refresh and re-purpose it! It is the green thing to do!

Laptop or Desktop refresh – $75

Give us a call today to book your appointment or just bring your computers down to us!

We are open Monday – Friday 9-6 and Saturday 10-2

389 West Center St
West Bridgewater, MA 02379

508-443-3402 Opt 1 to speak with one of our wicked smart techs!

Thanks for reading!!


Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

New England PC and Web is Windows 7 Ready!

Windows 7

If you are in the Boston area and would like to upgrade you laptop or desktop to Windows 7 then call us today!

We have been running Windows 7 for several months now and we are really liking it. Although it is a great operating system, there are a few things you need to know before upgrading, especially from Windows XP.

Excerpt from Microsoft’s TechNet Website:

The Upgrade option is not available in Windows 7 Setup when installing Windows 7 on a computer running Windows XP. However, you can use Windows Easy Transfer to migrate files and settings from Windows XP to Windows 7 on the same computer. To do this, you must first copy files to a removable media, such as an external hard drive or UFD, or to a network share. Next, you will install Windows 7 and then migrate your files back from the removable media onto your computer. When you are finished, you must install your software programs again, but your files and settings will have been copied from Windows XP.

  So be sure that you have all your CD’s or DVD’s for any software you want to stick around after the Windows 7 installation as it will not move those. Why bother when you can just bring it to New England PC and Web and we will take care of this for you! Just bring all your software CD’s and let us do the rest!

Vista users have it a bit easier, there are direct upgrades that will keep your files and programs intact when upgrading.

All in all the Windows 7 operating system seems to be very stable, run much better on machines than vista and has some new great features that our customers could benefit from.

If you would like for information on the different upgrade paths for Windows 7 please use the link below:

TechNet – Upgrade paths for Windows 7

Give us a call today to discuss your upgrade options as well as price!


Thursday, March 26th, 2009

New England PC and Web is ready to tackle any of your laptop repair needs!!

We are finally settled in at our new location in West Bridgewater, MA.

Come on down and speak to one of our Wicked Smart Techs about any and all of your laptop needs!

You might ask yourself, what exactly can New England PC and Web do when it comes to laptops? The answer….most anything!!!!

We get laptops shipped to us from all over the country and many more dropped off to us locally from customers in and around the Massachusetts and Rhode Island area.

What we can do for you:

  • Upgrade your MacBook Pro Hard Drive
  • Replace the broken LCD screen your IBM ThinkPad with a factory NEW OEM replacement LCD screen
  • Remove that annoying spyware that has taken over your system
  • Diagnose and replace motherboards on all types of laptops from IBM, Lenovo, Acer, Gateway, MacBook, iBook and so many more!
  • We are one of the only companies in the area that will replace you DC Jack in house! We stock DC Jacks for about 95% of the PC based laptops out there! What we don’t have in stock we get shipped overnight to us! This includes DC jacks and Laptop LCD Screens!

If you are located in or around the Massachusetts area and you are looking for a quality company to take a look at your laptop, give you a free diagnosis and a great prices on repairs, well look no further because you found us!If you are not local and would like to ship it to us , then give us a call today!
Here is just one of our happy customers:

“I can’t thank you two enough for the quick, professional manner in which you

fixed my computer! I was really upset when I broke!I will definitely be

referring business your way, especially people I know here in NY and in the MA

area! Thank you again! You’ve made my month! Heather.”

~Heather B. (New York)

Give us a call today or stop by our office that is located at:

389 West Center St

Suite C

West Bridgewater, MA 02379

Call us at 508-443-3402 and speak to one of our Wicked Smart Techs today!!

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Is your machine running slow?

Do you have pop ups telling you that you are infected with  spyware and it is asking you to download AnitVirus 2009? If so, DO NOT DOWNLOAD it. This is spyware itself, attempting to get you to pay for software from a company that actually infected your computer with this spyware!

Is you Internet Explorer or Firefox searches getting redirected to different pages? This is also spyware!

For a limited time only (Expires 1/31/09), bring you infected desktop or laptop to our store in Brockton, Ma and we will remove those pesky viruses and spyware!

Compare our price to Geek Squad:

Us – $85 in store virus and spyware removal

Geek Squad  – $199 in storevirus and spyware removal

It is a no brainer!

We will guarantee when you get your machine back the infections will be gone!!

So if you are looking for a Massachusetts virus and spyware removal service, look no further!

This offer is ONLY for in house service and must be dropped off!

Give us a call today at 508-443-3402

or swing by

244 Liberty St

Unit 5A

Brockton, MA 02301

Also, if you do not have an anti-spam/virus software installed on your computer or if you have one and it is expire, we are running a special on AVG Internet Security:

AVG Internet Security – 1 Computer licensed for 2 years  – $75.00

AVG Internet Security 3-Pack – 3 Computers licensed for 2 years  – $92.00

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

Look out West Bridgewater and the Bridgewater areas! NEPCW is coming back to town! Opening 4/1/2009


Although our current location in Brockton is only about 2 miles from our new location (as of 4/1/2009) in West Bridgwater, we feel like it is a big move and we should let everyone know about it! :)

We will still be servicing all of our favorite towns in the south shore like Brockton, Bridgewater, Sharon, Easton, Norton, etc…

What do we offer and why is your company special? Well, let me tell you!

1.We are one of the only repair shops that offer DC Jack Repair in house! This means your laptop does not leave of facility to get repaired, we do it all ourselves! We make sure we stock tons of DC Jacks so our turn around is fast! Mac and PC.

2.We are also one of the only repair shops in the area that service Mac (Apple) laptops , desktops and software support for home and businesss customers!

3.We are the leading Laptop LCD Screen replacement (PC or Mac) shops in Massachusetts and maybe all of New England!

4.We are super friendly and believe in putting all of our customers first to ensure they have a great experience each and everytime!

5. We are also offer superb IT Consulting for small to medium companies all over Massachusetts, Rhode Island and parts of New Hampshire! Windows Server Support, Exchange, Web design, and more.

Here is a quick list of some of the customers we have the pleasure to work with on a daily basis:

Boston Police Superior Offices Federation

Gazelle Soluitions LLC

Au Bon Pain

Remax Advanced

Kenwood Tire

Community Rehab Centers

And so many more!

So come down and visit us today!

Thanks for reading!