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Macbook LCD Replacement and repair

Powerbook, MacBook and MacBook Pro LCD Screen Replacements

LCD screens on laptops can be replaced. If you have any of the symptons below, replacing of the LCD should fix it:

  • If your Mac's screen is cracked from accidents, drops, etc.
  • If your brightview or glossy screen looks like it is cracked inside but no physical damage can be felt
  • Scratches or scrapes all over it, just that old, worn look
  • Multi-colored lines or black dots appearing all over the screen
  • Glossy and non-glossy screens on the MacBooks can be replaced very easiy and for a much lower cost than replacing the entire laptop
  • The cost of the LCD replacement will depend on the model of your laptop. We have the best prices around! Call us today!
  • We are now offering Apple Mobile Device repairs!

What we do is remove the old LCD screen from the laptop and replace it with a NEW one from either our distributor or the manufacturer. We then install the new screen and test it thoroughly before returning it to you. A typical replacement takes about 1-2 hours plus the cost of the new LCD screen. If you think you need your screen replaced give us a call today for a quote!

To ensure your video problem isn'g being caused by a bad video card, plug the Mac laptop into an external monitor (most laptops have an external monitor connector) to make sure it looks fine on an external monitor. If you do not have the connector to use a external monitor please bring it into us for a free diagnosis. If your having the same problem on the external monitor the problem is not your LCD screen.

Mac Laptop Inverter Replacement

Can you barely see what's on the screen when you boot your laptop up? Is it very dim even though the brightness is turned all the way up? When you connect it to an external monitor, does it look fine there? If you answered yes to these questions then you probably have a bad inverter. The inverter usually sits under the LCD screen and can be replaced by one of our professional technicians. Let us check it out for you. Bring it in anytime for a Free Diagnosis!

Mac Hard Drive Replacement

Are you ready to upgrade your MacBook's hard drive to a bigger one? We can do that for you. We will seemlessly move your data and all applications from your current hard drive to the newer, bigger one. This will preserve all your custom settings and applications during the process. For that extra touch, we can place the old hard drive into an external enclosure that you can use as a USB hard drive (addition cost). If you have a faulty or failing hard drive we can install a new one and recover your data.

Macbook Pro Hard Drive Upgrade

MacBook laptop Hard Drive Upgrades:
MacBook Pro 15-inch hard drive upgrade - $130 + the cost of the hard drive.
MacBook Pro 17-inch hard drive upgrade - $130 + the cost of the hard drive.
MacBook 13.3-inch hard drive upgrade - $130 + the cost of the hard drive.
PowerBook G4 hard drive upgrade - $130 + the cost of the hard drive.
Hard Drive sizes range from 80GB and up
Hard Drive prices range from $55 and up

If you are located in Massachusetts and would like your hard drive upgraded or replaced due to failure, you can drop it off at our West Bridgewater location. If you are not close enough to drop it by, then you can ship your laptop to us and we will perform the hard drive upgrade and ship it back to you. We gets tons of computers both ways so you can be assured that your computer will be safe with us and the repair/upgrade will be done by experienced professionals.

Give us a call today at 508-443-3402

Check out our Data Recovery page for more information.


We fix all major or minor Apple laptop related issues. Here are just a few more services we provide:

  • Replace the keyboard or mouse (touchpad or pointer) on your laptop
  • Upgrade/Replace memory, hard drive, battery etc. in your laptop
  • We can audit your laptop to determine what upgrades it will take
  • All Apple laptops are welcome! MacBook Pro, MacBook, Powerbooks, etc.

If you live in any of the following Massachusetts or RI towns give us a call! If your town is not listed, we most likely still service your area, so please call us! We are located in West Bridgewater, MA and we are available for drop off or pick up.

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